Perfect Toilet Paper Holder Height for Comfort and Convenience

Installing a toilet paper holder at the right height is essential for creating a comfortable and functional bathroom. The proper placement ensures easy access to toilet paper while maintaining a clean and organized appearance. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ideal toilet paper holder height, factors to consider when installing, and tips for optimizing your bathroom setup.

What Height Should a Toilet Paper Holder Be?

The standard height to install a toilet paper holder is around 26 inches (66 cm) from the floor. This height provides easy access for most adults while sitting on the toilet.

I’ve found that the 26 inch height tends to work well in most bathrooms. 

It allows you to comfortably reach the toilet paper without straining or twisting awkwardly.

However, there is some flexibility with this standard. If you have household members of varying heights, you may want to adjust the holder a bit lower or higher to accommodate everyone’s needs. Having people test out different heights can help you find that perfect sweet spot.

ADA Toilet Paper Holder Height

If you are installing a holder in a bathroom that needs to be ADA compliant, there are specific guidelines to follow. The ADA requires toilet paper dispensers to be mounted between a minimum height of 15 inches (38 cm) and a maximum of 48 inches (122 cm) from the floor.

This wider range ensures that the toilet paper is accessible to people with limited mobility or those using a wheelchair. So if your bathroom needs to meet these standards, make sure to plan your installation accordingly.

How Far to Place a Toilet Paper Dispenser From the Toilet?

In addition to height, it’s important to consider the distance of the holder from the toilet bowl. You don’t want to be reaching too far or contorting your body to grab the toilet paper.

A good rule of thumb is to place the holder 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) in front of the toilet bowl. This distance allows you to easily reach the paper while seated, without the holder getting in the way.

I’ve noticed some bathrooms where the holder is placed much farther away, and it’s just not practical. Keeping that 8 to 12 inch range in mind will ensure your holder is in the most functional spot.

Where Should a Toilet Paper Holder be Placed?

Now that we’ve covered the height and distance, let’s talk about which side of the toilet to install your holder on. In most cases, the holder is placed on the wall to the right or left of the toilet bowl.

Which side you choose is really a matter of personal preference and your bathroom’s layout. If you are right-handed, placing the holder to the right of the toilet often feels more natural. Lefties may prefer it on the opposite side.

You’ll also want to consider any other fixtures nearby. Make sure there is enough clearance around the holder so it doesn’t interfere with a cabinet, sink, or grab bar. Giving yourself ample room to change the roll is key.

Are Toilet Paper Holders Standard Size?

When it comes to holder sizes, there is some variation. Most holders are designed to fit standard toilet paper roll sizes, which are usually around 4.5 inches in diameter. However, some holders may accommodate extra large or jumbo rolls.

If you have a specific roll size you prefer, it’s a good idea to check the dimensions of the holder before purchasing. This will ensure your chosen toilet paper will fit nicely and dispense without any issues.

How to Install a Toilet Paper Holder

Installing a toilet paper holder is a pretty straightforward DIY project. Most holders come with a mounting template and necessary hardware.

Start by marking the height and distance from the toilet bowl on your wall. Use a level to ensure your marks are even. Then, drill pilot holes and insert wall anchors if you’re not drilling directly into a stud.

Line up your mounting bracket with the holes and secure it tightly to the wall with the provided screws. Finally, slide your holder onto the bracket and test it out with a roll of toilet paper.

If you’re not comfortable with drilling into your wall or are renting your space, there are also adhesive holders available. These use a strong adhesive backing to stick securely to the wall without causing any damage.

Where to Hang a Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom

Figuring out where to put a toilet paper holder in a tiny bathroom can be tricky. When space is limited, you may need to get a bit creative.

One option is to mount the holder on the side of a nearby vanity or cabinet. This can free up wall space while still keeping the paper within easy reach. Just make sure the holder isn’t positioned too low where it might get splashed.

Over-the-tank toilet paper holders are another great solution for small bathrooms. These holders sit on the top of your toilet tank, making use of that often wasted space. They’re also easy to install without any drilling required.

If you have absolutely no wall space to spare, a freestanding toilet paper holder may be the way to go. These holders have a weighted base that sits on the floor, with a pole that extends up to hold the paper roll. 

While not as discreet as wall-mounted options, they offer a practical solution when you’re short on space.

What is the Size of Toilet Paper Holder?

Toilet paper holders come in a range of sizes to accommodate different types of toilet paper rolls. The most common size is around 6 inches in length and 3 inches in depth, which fits standard rolls nicely.

However, if you prefer using jumbo or extra-large rolls, you’ll want to look for a holder that can handle that increased size. Some jumbo holders are closer to 8 inches in length to fit those bigger rolls.

When choosing a holder size, consider the available space in your bathroom as well. A bulky jumbo holder may not be the best choice for a tiny powder room with limited wall space.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Paper Towel Holders?

While we’ve focused mainly on toilet paper holders, choosing a paper towel holder for your bathroom follows similar guidelines. You’ll want to consider the height, placement, and size that works best for your space.

For height, aim to install paper towel holders around 48 inches from the floor. This allows for easy dispensing without the towels dragging on the countertop.

When it comes to placement, consider proximity to the sink and any potential splash zones. You don’t want your paper towels getting constantly wet. Mounting the holder on a side wall or adjacent cabinet can help keep it away from water while still being within reach.

Size-wise, make sure to choose a holder that fits your preferred brand of paper towels. Some holders are designed for standard rolls, while others can accommodate larger, more industrial sizes often found in public restrooms.

Make a Double Toilet Paper Holder by Yourself

If you find yourself frequently running out of toilet paper, a double holder may be a smart addition to your bathroom. And with a few basic supplies, you can easily make one yourself.

Start with a wooden board cut to your desired length. Sand and paint or stain the wood to match your bathroom decor. Then, attach two spring-loaded toilet paper holders to the board, spacing them evenly apart.

Mount the board to your bathroom wall using screws and wall anchors for a secure hold. Now you have a stylish and functional double holder that ensures you always have a backup roll at the ready.


Can I install a toilet paper holder on the tile?

Yes, you can install a holder on a tiled wall. However, you’ll need to use a ceramic drill bit to create pilot holes without cracking the tile. Take it slow and steady to avoid any damage.

What if my toilet paper holder is too loose?

If your holder feels wobbly or loose, it may not be properly secured to the wall. Check that the screws are tightened fully and that the wall anchors are installed correctly. You may need to remove the holder and reinstall it for a more secure fit.

How often should I replace my toilet paper holder?

Toilet paper holders can last for many years with proper care. However, if you notice rust, loose parts, or difficulty dispensing paper, it may be time for a replacement. Updating your holder every 5-10 years can keep your bathroom looking fresh.

Can I use a toilet paper holder for other items?

While designed for toilet paper, these holders can be repurposed for other bathroom essentials. Try using one to hold a spare hand towel, washcloths, or even a small basket of toiletries. Get creative and make the most of your wall space.


Installing a toilet paper holder may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference in the functionality and comfort of your bathroom. 

By following these guidelines for height, distance, and placement, you can ensure your holder is in the optimal spot for easy access.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for your unique space and needs.

With a little planning and DIY spirit, you can have a stylish and practical toilet paper holder that elevates your bathroom experience.

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